The Lost At E Minor store is a unique collection of hand-picked goodies. Every item in the store is cool, creative and has been selected by the editors of pop culture website Lost At E Minor. We’re regularly updating the collection with new products we discover.

Are my transactions safe?
You bet. Our store is hosted by Shopify, a global online store company. In their own words, Shopify uses an ‘industry standard 128 Bit SSL encrypted checkout to protect private data’. This means your data is 100% secure during and after checkout. Nothing to fear. We use Stripe for secure credit card transactions.


Who owns the Lost At E Minor store?
The Lost At E Minor store is owned by Conversant Media, a company registered in Australia. Conversant Media is also the proud owner of pop culture website Lost At E Minor.

Our registered address is:
PO Box 225 The Junction NSW 2291 Australia

Our company ABN is: 66 125 644 448

Our contact details are:
PO Box 225 The Junction NSW 2291 Australia

Store Contact Email: alisonshepard@lostateminor.com

What types of products do you sell?
We hand-pick goodies that we love and think you’ll love, too. Most of the items we sell have also been posted on the Lost At E Minor website. They are the work of some of the hottest young designers, fashion labels, illustrators, artists and jewelry craftspeople out there and you’ll find prints, t shirts, jewelry, cameras, wallets and more. Yes, we like more. We add new products regularly, so if you don’t find something you like this time around, check back again shortly.

How do I find a specific item?
You can browse the store by typing a specific item or category into the search box which is in the top right hand corner of the home page. Or you can click on one of the category sub-sections under the Navigation header on the home page.

Do you ship to the UK and if so, how much does it cost?
We sure do. And to Africa, Asia, the Americas, and beyond … everywhere and anywhere. Postage is free to ship all of your items to anywhere in the world! Please note, our orders ship out directly from their respective artists, located all over the world! Please see shipping details listed in the next inquiry for info on timelines and shipping policy.

My order hasn't arrive yet. Why? 

In order to provide the coolest and most unique products, our products are shipped out directly from their respective artists. These artists are all over the world! Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your order to arrive, and please note the country that the item ships from - that information is listed directly within the product description. Estimates on shipping timelines are as follows: 

USA to USA - 1 week

USA to Australia - 2.5 - 3 weeks

USA to Europe - 2 weeks

Australia to Australia - 1 week

Australia to USA - 2.5 - 3 weeks

Australia to Europe - 2 weeks

Europe to Europe - 1 week

Europe to USA - 2 weeks

Europe to Australia - 2 weeks


Why are your prices in US dollars?
Lost At E Minor has an office in New York and another in Newcastle, Australia. So we straddle two different time zones and currencies [thank you Skype!]. We had to make a choice in our store to use one currency or the other and as most of our purchases come from America, it makes more sense for the default currency of the store to be in US dollars. That said, we adjust the prices of any goods emanating from outside of America so that, if you’re living in Australia, Europe or Asia, you shouldn’t be paying any more for the items than you would if the prices were in your local currency.

Can I order offline using a credit card as a payment?
No, we just accept orders via the Store interface.

Will I be notified once my order is dispatched?
If it is just one item being sent to you, you’ll be sent an email notification when the product is shipped. If you’ve bought items from more than one product category, you may not be sent the notification because it is most likely that the components of your order will be sent from different parts of the world, by different retailers, and the order dispatch email is only enabled for single retailer orders.

If the product doesn’t work for me, what is the return policy?
Our return policy is based on product failure rather than preferences.

Can I sell my goods through the store?
Yes! Yes! You betcha. If you’re a clothing designer, create cool artwork, make jewellery, or sell something interesting, then we’d love to find out more about it. The first step is to complete the form on this page. We’ll check your stuff out, and if we think it’s a good fit for our discerning readership, we’ll contact you and fill you in on the terms and conditions.