Mechanical LED Watch


This watch features a handmade Lithophane dial. A Lithophane dial is a piece of carved art that becomes 3D when backlit. The watch features a LED backlight to create this amazing effect. The unique polished stainless steel I.P. black case is 42mm dia. and features red enamel tipping on the crown and five points on the bezel. Hidden lugs (20mm size) connect to a fantastic hand-made leather strap. The strap is 37.5mm wide and features a huge 46.5mm wide double buckle stainless steel clasp that is also in a polished I.P. black to match the case. Features on the watch strap include two metal studs and woven brown leather detailing.

This Lithophane dial on this watch is very special. When the  pusher at 2-o-clock is depressed, the dial blazes in the 3D display of the Mechanical design for about 5 seconds. Not only is the effect "wow" but the light is bright enough to be handy in the dark! The watch is delivered in a substantial presentation box. 

- Shipping Info: This product ships from the USA - 

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