Mysterious Island T-shirt


"It seems wisest to assume the worst from the beginning...and let anything better come as a surprise." - Jules Verne / Mysterious Island 

Graphic T-shirt inspired by Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island. Over 100 years before 3D printing revolutionised the world, Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island had exactly the right stuff popping out of thin air at just the right time. Forget the friendship, ingenuity and even the adventure because Mysterious Island is actually a prescient ode to just-in-time manufacturing. Turns out it wasn’t God doing the conjuring, but Captain Nemo himself.
Resurrected from his previous life like a creepy yet benevolent Big Brother, Nemo made sure that the five castaways lacked for nothing to overcome all the odds, as well as the odd pirate. And as a parable for life we couldn’t agree more.
Put your faith in the universe, and like a newly minted butterfly you’ll soon realise that from imminent death comes sweet life.

Screenprinted bone-shade t-shirt.

* This product ships from the UK *

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