Slurp “R” Rated playing cards


An absolutely unique deck of playing cards – a little bit naughty, and EVERY SINGLE CARD contains a different illustration (or “Slut”). These are a great way to unbalance your poker opponent or add a cheeky sparkle to any cards evening!

The cards were created by graphic designer Becky Edgington and illustrator Sarah Beetson, based off of Sarah’s original exhibition “50 Bucks – Bring on the Sluts”. The images were selected from almost 500 small artworks created on moleskin paper, inspired by vintage photography and a trip to Japan. Due to overhwhelming demand after the original exhibition, Becky and Sarah created 2 new card packs showcasing a selection of “Sluts”.  

This pack is "R" Rated - it's naughty - but you won't find any downstairs boy shocks in it! If you are looking for nudey boys, and generally ruder girls, please see the alternative "X" Rated pack.

Each pack of cards is individually sealed in shrink wrap and printed on delicious coated heavyweight matte stock which is a delight to play with as the cards slide over each other nicely and do not stick 

- Shipping Info: This product ships from Australia - 

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