Sugar Skull White Bronze Necklace


This completely three dimensional sugar skull pendant is cast in tarnish free solid white bronze with a satin silver finish. An anatomically correct skull tastefully adorned with a raised cross positioned low on the forehead upon an incised spiderweb radiating to the sides and top. The cap of the skull is embellished with a large Mexican sunflower flanked by petals that surround the chain hole on each side. Floral stems emerge from under the chin, writhing around the mouth and jaw spouting leaves as they grow upwards filling the empty eye sockets with beautiful blossoms each with a tiny skull in the center. A crescent moon is carved on each temple and the back of the skull bears a sacred heart in high relief tastefully surrounded by floral design. 

The skull measures 7/8" tall, 7/8" front to back and 1/2" wide. The detail is superb, even the "back" of the teeth are perfectly carved! 

The matching 24" chain passes through the skull suspending it perfectly level with flower and tiny skull filled eye sockets staring straight forward.

- Shipping Info: This product ships from Canada - 

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